Plugged In Wirelessly

Ok, so I've skipped a few days. Been a rough few days. But I've been thinking about things, ways to get things done. Opened my video editor and messed with it a bit. Then that wall came and bam. But it's an excuse. It's not there. Even though it feels real. There never really is a wall/obstacle. It's just what you let keep you back. There are always ways to overcome things in your way, or work to deal with them as best as possible. This probably should have been a Monday post. But it's Tuesday. Better late than never, as the saying goes. Cliché? Sure. So what?


The fact of the matter is you should be doing what you need to do but you're not because social media has its clamps on you and is holding you down, holding you to the ground, or bed, or couch or wherever. Sometimes it lurks on public transportation and reaches out when you least expect it. Maybe you miss a stop, or maybe you miss out on life around you. Look up at the world, not at a screen. And not saying that it isn't fun, or good to look occasionally; to let loose and unwind. But it's like the Matrix, except we're wirelessly plugged in through our eyes/mind/hands/fingers and can't break free. Soon it will lead to chips and possibly wires. Who knows?


Try to look up, at the world. Look around. Breath. Take everything in. Realize life is temporary and every second counts--though some seconds can be tossed into the wishing well if you wish. They'll splash in and instead of granting a wish they will give you some entertainment. Nothing wrong with that.


Talk soon.




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