Maybe One Day...

I am challenging myself to write something from my mind every day. It may be on the front end, or may be covered up with soil and buried, but the tips should be showing. These tips will give you an idea, but nothing more. It may spark a thought in your mind. Or you may be on my wavelength and understand what I'm trying to convey. Maybe you piece/string together other things I've said prior and build a bigger picture. Maybe you think you have strung something together but it's all just random nonsense trying to merge together like in those merge games on your mobile device.


Whatever the case may be, hopefully it gets you to think. Hopefully it gets you coming back to see what I think next. Not that I'm important like that, but our thoughts are here, our ideas, our merging of pondering is interesting. Maybe? Perhaps? Who knows?


But if you don't mind, maybe check out the ads on this blog while you're here. For some reason Google monetized my blog and not my YouTube. Trust me. It's pennies. And not even that. Fractions of pennies. But who knows? Maybe one day...




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