It's Friday!

Like the song, but not. Time to wind down the week and wind up the weekend. Get started. Push into those two days that, for most, give respite from the week past. Curl up, read a book, or binge watch an entire series. Get bitten by a radioactive spider and stick to the wall while you watch your favorite show. You need a snack? Make sure you're in aiming distance of the kitchen and reach out, bend your upside-down hand and press the meaty part of your palm with your index finger. Now pull your favorite snack or beverage to you. Might have to open the fridge door, first. But that's ok.


The weather's fine, or it could be course, depending on where you live. But you're indoors. Rest. Relax. Get ready for two days that are gone in the blink of an eye. Almost faster than a writing session. In the moment, giving it all you got, focused. And then you open your eyes, look around, and it's Sunday evening. You feel the cold beads of sweat forming from the pores of your brow. You wipe it away, but it only gives you a chill down your back. Or maybe that's the realization of the week ahead.


So stop. Lift your hands. Look at them. Imagine them forming into hooks, like in Terminator 2. Dig them into the ground. Hold this position. Look around. Don't let the days go by. Like the song, but not. And rejoice. Because it's Friday.




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