Finally made it. The weather is cloudy, yet warm. I'm tired but I have extra coffee. I had some things to say walking in this morning, but of course, they are all forgotten now. It's okay though. If I remember them later I will see if I write them down.


I did open a very old story I'd created back in 2017 (or saved, one or the other). I wanted to see how bad it was. Haha. But it wasn't half bad. There were a lot of parts that were unclear, but that could be updated. And I'm looking through the new lens of no nonsense if-it's-bad-it's-bad spectacles. I originally wanted to see if there were any old ideas I could glean. What a word, huh. I meant spectacles, not glean.


So maybe I'll tinker with that later. As I ring the bell of summer, starting the weekend with glitter and glam. That's a sham. Hmm. Just wanted to rhyme a bit.


I did take a picture coming in, so I'll throw it up at the top. A local restaurant/bar place.


Remember, if you're digging this in any way, shape, or form. Check out the ads on this blog. Cheesy plead. But that's what the last name looks like, right?


Going to try and spark up the ole video editor too, maybe see what happens there. Maybe take it out back and sh--oh, wait, that was an old show. Before my time, too. Sheesh.


Maybe this will be a muti-post Friday. Maybe I'll make a million dollars? Let's see on the next exciting episode of wannabe writer. Shhh. Don't say that. Well, analytically it's true. I WANT to be a writer. Write? I mean RIGHT? Okay. Corny jokes are coming out. Talk soon.




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