Wishing Your Life Away

Getting there. Inching forward. Every day. But we wish our days away when we wish for the workweek to end. When we wish to get by that obstacle that stands in the way of something more relaxing, something more of what we want to do. Sort of like going through a time machine that ages us, blanking out, thinking of nothing as we dredge through the rough, terrible day to get to the nectar, the good stuff. Is it worth it? Losing your life just to get to a point you think is going to be something more than it possibly will be?


Hey, that something can be great. I don't know. But most of the time it isn't what you thought it to be. Sometimes, like with the holidays, the days leading up to them are the most exciting. Think about that.


You’re mind says, maybe I’ll feel better then. You think about that moment from the point of view of someone who has no ailments, no worries. It’s then you’ll do that thing, or then when things will come together. Meanwhile you’re taking pressure off of the present you. And it feels good. For that moment. (Random thought thrown into the random thought.)


Now think about this. Every time you tell someone in the elevator, at breakfast, at lunch, around the office, before leaving for work, you know the moments--every time you tell them you wish it was Friday, or you wish it was the end of the day and you were going home, you're wishing your life away.




You wish for that time in the future to come fast, and that is wishing life away. And think about this: how many times have you done this already, or will you do this in the moments ahead?


Catch yourself. Think about it. Live in the moment. At least try to. Slowly move towards this goal. Look around. You’re alive—if you’re reading this. (Unless you’re a ghost reading this off of someone else’s computer. If that’s so then maybe more people are reading these posts than I thought.) But see life. Look around. Be in the moment. Or don't. Keep wishing your life away if you want to.




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