Thursday Thoughts and Theories

It's Thursday. And life has moved on another day. Thank God. Because I'm writing this, and if you're reading this it means you're still alive. Yes. Life is moving in a progression to an end. Until we figure out more profoundly how time may be a thing itself and that we must know how to use it, to manipulate it, to go back and relive moments, or help ourselves and humanity from going on the wrong path. Just theories. Who knows how it is in the end? You gotta have faith. And sleep.


Woke up very tired this morning. Half in a dream. Those are the worst to come out of and into a morning of getting ready for work. Terrible. I want to go back into the dream. It was real at that moment. Which makes me think of that theory that what if dreams are reality and life is but a dream, sweetheart. Hello Hello again... Um. Wait. Of course, there is also lucid dreaming. Some have practiced this. Pretty much being always awake, working on things, living a double life. Sounds interesting.


Then there's the theory that we all are past on, and this life we are experiencing is the last moments "flashing before our eyes" as the saying goes. Sort of like in Jacob's Ladder. Great movie. Move on to the next level in this great big game we call existence. You relive everything that has happened to you in life. Could this be the case? Like how dreams seem fast, while you hadn't even moved forward much in time. Of course, you'd have to know when you dozed off, and come awake. But there are times I wonder how so much had happened in a dream compared to such a short amount of time being asleep.


Sorry I can't site those who have presented these theories, though if you researched them I'm sure their names can be found. This is just a daily affirmation. Affirmation of what? I have no idea. I'm very tired today.


There is also the theory that... Hmmm. I forgot. Well. Must get to work (at time of writing/editing this). Oh, my writing is coming along. Going to see how it goes--if the words don't sicken me when I go back and read them. But yeah. Tomorrow is Friday. Rejoice. Unless, of course, you don't work in a traditional manner, then, of course, um, rejoice. 


Talk soon.




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