Today. Thursday. What to write what to write. Well. What we think about when we're alone. When the lights are out, or the sun goes down. Sounds like a song. But these moments are, or could be, the scariest moments because we are left alone with ourselves. We see the rest of our life splayed out before us, but we can't see it clear. It's there. Blurry perhaps. The moments and events are just at the tip of our tongue, like a lost name or word we're thinking of but can't quite get it out. It looks like a roadmap. Then it disappears. Then it comes back. It's there, like your thoughts, like your memories, just out in front of you. And there is a feeling. Like a knowing. Some can see this clearer, perhaps. And some don't see it at all. But they feel it. It's there. And they know something is there. Maybe they don't accept it or ignore it. Because acknowledging it can be maddening. As is creating things.




To do this or not. If you don't someone will. Might as well be you. Become a conduit. I've read this a bunch of times. How the energy is channeled through a writer/actor/whatever.


To some degrees I think I see what this means. If you just let it happen, it will come out in whatever you do. Of course, I haven't shown proof of concept yet. Whether that's from laziness, fear, or just plain sucking; it's yet to be seen. But those theories seem about right. I'll let you know when things happen. Or if I change my perception.


For now, enjoy your Thursday. And enjoy the picture enclosed. It reminded me of those times alone. I get up very early for work--even without overtime. And sometimes the thoughts can be good or bad. Depending on how you look at them. And how clear you can, or want, to see the map laid out before you.




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