Step Back and Connect

Most of America, and other places around the world, are working from home. There are other situations out there, emergency personnel and such who can't stay home, but for the most part the majority of people are practicing social distancing. 

What I'm getting at is we are all sitting around and glued to the news, or social media, but we should be taking this time to do what we always wanted, what we think about all day as we toil away at work. 

Am I saying not to listen to the news? No. You have to. But once you're informed, shut it off. 

Connect with life. 

I was listening to the governor of New York talking on the news one morning as I drove into work about an initiative to shelter in place--this was about a week ago. He explained how this is an opportunity to be closer to those you love. And it's true. 

Think about it. All those times you stop and think how you aren't there enough with those who matter most. The endless days that exhaust you. If you come home late at night, even worse. Trying to follow your dream? Writing? Blog? YouTube? 


Nope, too tired. Maybe in the morning. But no. You're a zombie in the morning, barely able to get out the door. That first cup of coffee is great, but it's a tease; supplying you with just enough energy to tackle the morning, making you think you can conquer the world. Then there's the commute--going and coming back. Depending on how long you have to get in, perhaps you can do a little bit of editing, or something. But it's never enough. 

Then the day starts and you think: when I get home, I'm going to do this, or that. Coffee really does wonders, doesn't it? I'm going to spend more time with my kids. Read more. Etc. You know the routine. 

Now, you can do that. 

This situation can be terrible or you can turn it into something wonderful, depending on how you look at things. 

Lemons to lemonade. 

Yes, you may still have to work from. And that's good. Some may just be staying home because you don't have way to remotely work. I hope everyone has plans and have worked out their situation so the hit isn't so big on them. But you are still home. 

And while you're home and can't go out, look around you. 

This is your chance. No one knows how long this could be. Spend time with those you love, those you feel you don't have enough time for, because now you do. 

And when you're taking a break, write (insert anything you neglect), do that which you never have enough time for. 

Because, for the time being, now you do. And you don't know how much time you have left. 



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