Music to Remember

I was having a dilemma. It's been a while, about three weeks, since Gary and I recorded shows for the YouTube channel we have. Horror with Marchese and Buller. 

It's been very busy lately, with me trying to figure out how to best maintain this site and the YouTube channel, plus thinking about creating other channels. And the writing thing. The thought of editing is daunting. 

I have great fun when I get down to it, I really do, once I'm in the work and creating/editing/figuring out how to publicize the show I am working on at that moment. But, as I've read in other articles and videos, there can be burnout with these things. 

I have not burned out. When I feel this, I pump the breaks a bit as a precaution. Maybe take a week off. Though, like the fear of not being able to think of something to write about, or make a video about, I do have those moments where I fear that I am burning out. 

Then I hear a song. And it brings me back to the feelings I had when I first started. Even the feelings I had years ago when I watched the new channels popping up on YouTube and thought to myself that I would love to do that. 

Sometimes when we feel something negative, it's not actual fear, or being burned out. I mean it could, but for the most part it isn't. Maybe a form of it. It could be self doubt. 

Look at all the creators and successful artists that have done so much in their lifetime, and then sit back and assess the situation. (I usually think of Stephen Hawking when I feel I can't do something.) And you will see that you have the energy to do what you know you love. 

Try to remember what made you want to do those things in the first place. I've found that music can help with this. 

Evident in the theme song, Type O Negative played a big part in the show for me. Listening to the songs brings me back to those cold winters, or hot summers, where Gary and I got together no matter what, thousands of miles away, and recorded shows via the internet. We'd joke about the songs, singing parodies of them over the messenger we use. And when I listen to Type O, all of those memories come rushing back. 

We recorded two more shows this Sunday and now I must edit. And maybe put on some Type O Negative while I do so. 

Here is a great article that explains the phenomenon. CLICK HERE

Hope this is helpful to someone. 

Talk soon. 



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