Lost Data

The other day I lost part of a story I was writing. I had to shut down my computer, and did not save what I had wrote.

Usually it saves automatically. This time it didn’t. I tried for the better part of the day to Recover the lost data, to no avail.

All that time it could have been working on trying to remember and recreate what I had written before.

I muse with a smile that it could have been the content I was writing didn’t want to get written. Hey, I’m a horror writer.

But looking back I see that I could have made more progress just getting back to work rather than cry over spilled milk.

I must have been thinking side of me sort of enjoyed the search, even if it didn’t result in recovering all of the data.

Plus, I like to take these moments as a sign that the story wasn’t going as well as it could and now it will all come out.

Today I will do this.

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