Mountain House food review - Prepper Food (YouTube Video)

My buddy Gary and I did a video about prepping. 

I taste Mountain House freeze-dried eggs and talk about what's going on in our areas. 

We tried to steer clear of certain terms on YouTube, because I've heard stories about what YouTube can do to those videos. 

We try to make light of the subject while keeping it serious. It's something we should all be prepared for, just be calm and make rational decisions. Keep positive and help others who may need it. And try not to get caught up in the news, because while some I feel is very important, a lot is sensationalized and makes us worry unnecessarily. 

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Here are a few links to the products discussed in the show. 

Mountain House: Understandably, this may be out of stock. Just click the company name and see their other products. It tasted pretty good.

Of course, Zevia. And finally All Day hand sanitizer. This last one I don't think will be up for a bit, but check out other products while you're there. 


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