I Love the Heat and Spice

I love hot food. Spicy food. I have to be careful because I have GERD, but to be honest I've never really felt heartburn from spice. Mostly certain baked goods, sugary, cheap. You know. Though not all of these mess with my stomach acid. Guess Reflux is something that's different for everyone. My weight doesn't help, but I'm working on that.

One hot sauce in particular,
which to me is mild but so delicious, is Tabasco Smoked. I love this sauce. I smother my mac and cheese in it on occasion. It gives it a sophistication I've only experienced with adding blue chese to the liquid gold dish. 

Pepper flakes are great too. Recently I made chicken soup and put so many of those pepper flakes in it that the liquid turned a reddish hue. Now that was hot. 

Then there was the tuna fish sandwich where I put pepper flakes and smoked Tabasco sauce on. So good. Picture at the begining of this post.

Way back in the old days, when I was a young lad, I had gone to a sushi place in the city. I saw this green lump on the plate brought out to me. I was apprehensive about the whole thing, not digging how the situation was looking, so I grabbed the simplest thing on the dish.

Wow, what a mistake! Of course I expelled it from my mouth quickly, but I guess that was my first foray into heat.
Horse radish, habanero peppers. I love it all.

Now I eat hot ghost pepper chips like nothing--almost, even did a video here, and love watching videos like those from LA Beast and Johnny Scoville, to name a couple.  

There are limits, though. There comes a point where the heat is just so excruciating that you don't taste the food any longer.

I feel heat should complement the flavors of the food they are on; enhance them, not obliterate them.

But to each their own, some enjoy a bit more pain than others.

Check out my video and the video of the others I mentioned above with the links that I put on their names. And please enjoy my fellow heat lovers.



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