Lost Data part 2

I decided it was done. I would just have to try and write the scenes I thought were so good before all over again. Not too hard, I'd done it before when I'd lost data due to either computer failure, or program. I'd gotten uncannily close to the exact same words, if not better than the first time. 

But whatever subject I was writing about, some force did not want it to be done at work. Or maybe at all. 

I started rewriting the story again, was making some progress getting back into the mood I was in, had brought back up the sites I'd used for research, and then I made the mistake of opening Google Maps for a conversation I was having with a coworker. 

And the computer screen went black. 

I tried to salvage the document once again, but the virtual desktop we use at work wasn't having it. 

I had to reboot the system. 

And loose what I'd done yet again. 

Sure I hadn't gotten as far as the first time, but it was far enough. 

I made the decision I'm just going to write it at home and see where that goes. Hopefully I'll fare better. Or maybe the force that didn't want me to write about what I was writing about will stop me again. 

I usually say if something is meant to be, it won't fail. Well, let's see where this goes. And it doesn't hurt to save a few times, either. 



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