Note 9 Android 10 Update Thoughts

So I've been using the Note 9 Android 10 update for the past week and it is pretty much what I thought it would be. 

Minor Issues

There are several small issues I've encountered, but nothing that ruins the experience. 

Before, there was a small issue when I swiped up to open the app drawer, and it froze at times for a split second
(usually when I first unlocked the phone)--I noticed it, but it wasn't a huge thing. 

Now, that's fixed in the update, but when you unlock the phone the notification bar at the top takes a second or two to appear. 

That's not a deal breaker either, plus it will probably be fixed--hopefully--with an upcoming monthly security update. 

Another thing I noticed that isn't too cool, and it's not all the time, but it had happened at least two or three times since the update, was an app will flat-out freeze. The phone is still functional, you can pull down the notification panel, and can go to the home screen, but the app is frozen. And this has been the Chrome browser. Now, it could be because I have tons of tabs constantly open, but I don't really know. 

This is not a deal-breaker, either. But it's annoying and I do hope an update will fix this, as well. 

Another minor thing I noticed the other day. I was playing a YouTube video in small picture mode over the home screen and each time I opened another app, while the video kept playing in the small popup square, the video and audio would freeze for a moment as the other app opened. It was brief, but it was consistent. 

Overall, these issues--besides the frozen browser, which only happened maybe three times since I updated--are not that noticeable to be regretful of updating.  I've heard there are others who have had bad experiences with the change to Android 10, but all in all I haven't noticed the bad too much and the good far outweighs the negative. 

I have read you should be careful if you have a lot of data you don't want to loose. While it's rare, there is a chance you can loose that data during the updating--so you might want to back it up

I didn't back up my data, and nothing happened. 

The Good

Now with the minor issues out of the way, here's what I love about the update. 

Dex. Oh yes, I've been waiting for this. The app that I wanted to use most is KineMaster, which is a mobile video editing app. This app is just as good as full fledged PC video editors. I use it on the go to edit my YouTube videos and the show Gary and I do. At first I got worried, because when I played the video and paused it to cut parts, it was a little clunky, but I got used to it. 

And the app isn't even optimized for Dex yet, if it ever will be. But there is an option in the Labs settings that lets you force the apps that aren't optimized to go full screen. 

It's mostly good for the graphics--adding overlays and such--moving things around and adding text. 

Ah, text. 

That's a big issue in Dex that frustrated me to no end. But I fixed it. Here's how. 

The Dex Text Issue

So there's this very annoying problem where you put Dex on and everything is going as it should, and then you go to type something with your Bluetooth keyboard and the phone screen comes on. 

I thought this would be gone with the PC version, because you're using the PCs keyboard and mouse to control Dex, but no. The screen will turn on each time you put the cursor in a field to type. 

But there's a way to fix this. 

In the settings, you can change the keyboard, but it's not in the Android settings. It's the Dex settings. 

First, go to the little beaker at the bottom right of the Dex desktop screen. Labs. Click this. 

At first you'll see this pop up, just put the cursor over the back button, as shown, and click back. 

Now you want to click the Keyboard option, as seen. 

It will bring you into the Keyboard menu, which you'll then click on the On-screen Keyboard Location option. 

It will bring up this pop up, which will be on Phone, change it to Monitor and now the phone screen will not come on when you go into a text field, or just use your computers keyboard. 

I couldn't find a fix to this before with Dex doing a search, but this seems to do the trick. 

Back to the Good

On top of the Dex experience, I really enjoy the overall performance of the operating system. Android 10 and One UI are very smooth on my Note 9. Great animations and you can see an animation when you open and close an app, it appears to expand and contract--similar to how iPhones do it. 

Everything is clean and snappy and even though I've read people are having problems with their phones battery life, for the most part I haven't seen a difference in the length of time it can stay on. If anything it's been a bit better. 

The phone is a beast, and the battery life is still there, at least for my experience. 

Another feature people are anticipating is the dark mode. I've used this feature already, hidden in some apps. But now Dark Mode can now be toggled which will make most of the apps go into Dark Mode automatically. It's not perfect, but I expect as time goes on more will happen with this function. It's a cool new feature that saves energy by using a black background with white, or grey, font. 

All in all, the update has been good to me. It gives the phone a fresh new feel, even though the phone was a wonderful device before the change. Sprint has been rolling out Android 10, and I'm sure other carriers will have it coming very soon. 

Here is a link I've read about upgrading, check it out. 


Start here, and then go with a search.


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