Slept On It

I slept on the thoughts from yesterday. I still feel the same, for the most part, for now, but I do see that perhaps I was thinking those things because of emotions. 

There are a lot of things going on, like worrying about finances and the endless work on YouTube and keeping up social media. 

I also think about how much work there is fore the writing, which has taken a big hit due to it being busy at work. 

Either way, it's a bit overwhelming at times. But these are boundaries that have to be busted through. 

I also have a couple of stories I have to go through for the Trickster's Treats anthology this October. I'll probably be looking over those this weekend. 

Novel writing, I'm finding, is easier for me. I like to write stories more laid out, with a bigger canvas to work with. 

Short stories are OK, but I've never really liked them due to the small amount of time you have with the characters and not being able to fully relate to them. 

That's how I feel now. Lets see if that changes. 

Talk soon. 



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