Mainstream or Literary?

There is a belief by some that because a story is literary and flowery with different meanings that it is advanced and the better way of writing. 
Gary and I discuss this in Friday's show, here: 

Just because something seems better quality, or for those with a higher intellect, doesn't mean it's better. 

I've seen plenty of stories that some would have interesting things to say about style and grammar, yet hold the reader with the imagination and content. 

There are many factors that come into play, and finding what's best and works for you is important. 

Same with YouTube. I've seen some shows that use barebones editing and devices like cameras and mics, and they are more popular than fully decked out sets with super high budgets. 

So go and do your thing, make your move. As you get more money, if you want, improve your production. Or, keep it the way it was, most likely the way the fans will want it to stay. 



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