Silenced? Are We?

That's another thing. Here are some thoughts. 

I hold back sometimes, thinking of a way to convey what I really feel. Most of the time I'm OK with how I get my thoughts across. But so much of the time I feel I have to watch what I say. 

Now I'm not saying be a jerk and say something hurtful, or nasty. But think about this. 

Emenem has a line that says "the only difference is I got the b**ls to say it, in front of y'all, and I don't got to be sugar coated at all" and Metallica says, in one of their songs, "all these words I don't just say". 

What is truly on your mind? 

It's OK to express what you genuinely feel. It may not be how you feel later, you may not get on the good side of some, but depending on the way you do it, especially if it's a little blog, or your social media, one should have the freedom to express themselves. 

And what I was saying just now, we have the right to change our mind. One thing we learned here may change, or our views may change, or our feelings about going about doing things can alter, and we change what we think. 

That's life. You live and you learn. 

I'm talking about the journey of becoming a writer/creator, but of course you can apply this to any other subject or endeavor out there, just about. 

OK, talk soon. 



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