A Lifestyle Change

Going out today to food shop. Working on a new intro to the show. I want to make it good. That is what this is about, getting better. Not putting out the same material. 

Same with the writing, which is the reason, partly, that I haven't sent out anything in quite a while. The other part is procrastination and being too busy. But more is coming soon. 

And yes, I say being lazy. Even though one deserves to relax after work, or during their lunch break, I push through editing the show or editing my writing projects, but sometimes I can be hard on myself and feel I am not doing enough. 

The only way to break through and make it, to do this as a living and not a hobby, is to sacrifice. You can still have the relaxation, but need to carve up your time effectively. 

The problem is getting to that point. 

It's a new way of thinking. Just like when dieting usually the weight comes back. Your old ways and habits will come back unless you train yourself to have a new way of life. 

A lifestyle change. 

Time will not come to me, I have to find it and use it. Success will not drop on my lap I have to read and write and create and then submit to succeed. I have to not watch my favorite show in order to do that extra editing a piece may need. I have to post and make myself available on Twitter when I may want to hide and be reclusive

But that is my choice, and your choice if you want to make it. 



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