Metroid Morphing Ball

I see why some artists become depressed. I feel down sometimes, I see the points where it happens. Mostly the next day I'm better again, for the most part, but I've got other things to keep my mind busy. Family, work, perhaps a hobby or two. 

Writing, and just about any other art form, can be hard on someone starting out. I liken it to the Metroid ball in the first game on the Nintendo Entertainment System. 

If you don't know what I'm talking about, the character in that game, Samus, could morph into a ball and set small bombs. These could break blocks, but they also jolted the character up a bit in ball form. They'd come back down, but if you set another bomb just at the right moment, and then another on the ground, the first one would propel you to the second, and you keep doing this until you get to new heights in the game. 

In the begining it was hard, and I felt it was near impossible, but if you were in the middle of it (of course it could all fail at any moment, which is why this analogy is great, too) you were doing it, you knew what you could do and the payoff was coming. 

If you're a new writer, you'd testing things, trying new methods that might not work. Some may say they don't like your work--all writers have been through this. And not just writers. But you keep at it and keep pushing your stuff out, get to the next project, don't stop, all that good stuff. 

There will be extreme let downs, maybe there won't, but one thing is for sure, if you are sure of yourself, and you practice and listen to advice and criticism, you will make it. 

Another thing I can see is selling yourself short and going with a path that seems easier because you've exhausted all other methods of getting to the goal. Don't give up. If you decide to self publish, ok, but get to the next book--of course, unless your goal was only to see your name on the spine of a hardcover, or something. 

Talk soon. 



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