A Story A Day

So I've been trying something. It's a mix of a few things I've said on here, just doing it, meaning writing (or insert anything creative you are going for).

I was talking to a writer friend of mine, Gary Buller, and we were discussing another writer who puts out stories at a pretty fast clip. 

He mentioned that they try to write a story a day. I've heard about some who do this, the level of polish depends on the writer, but I've heard of it. Then I thought, what if I apply this every time I get a thought. 

Instead of just letting the idea get away like usual, I'll act on it and push out a full story, good or bad.

So far the results gave been pretty good. I've noticed that stale thoughts are being emptied, making way for new ones. New techniques are being thought up, and I have more room after the purge to think up new ideas. 

What I do is grab any device closest: phone, laptop, work computer (if you have access to one at your job) and get down the story. 

No hesitations. Just do it, like the Nike slogan. 

If you think about it you'll possibly make an excuse. 

Get a full story out. It doesn't have to be good, just whatever you think might happen. After, save it, print it, put it aside. 

Get to the next one. Without thinking too much about things. 

And remember you may never use these stories. See? That's the beauty. You get writing done, practice done. And just maybe you might find something worth using for another story, or the whole story you put aside and edit it.

It's said one must practice their craft constantly to become great at it, and I feel this is a nice way to accomplish just that. Accompanied with reading you have the perfect strategy for honing skills like a pro.

Keep at it! 



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