A Hole the Size Of A Pistachio

I know it sounds easier said than done, the old cliche, but it's true. A totally different view can be had from the inside. 

It's easy to think these things when you have a few years under your belt, or even more, but when you're just begining one might think it's easy. 

Oh, I'll just do this and all the riches will flow right in. Then you see someone else struggling and you think, I just won't go that route. But it seems inevitable at times. 

Then one might notice the long periods of time it takes and go, "can't be, it only takes this much time for this and that". But then you might notice that it's not just the act of doing the project, but the extras like work and life that extend the time. 

When you're young you have all the time in the world, most "waste" it. When you get older you realize time is growing short and grab at any second, envious of the time you had back when you just sat there doing nothing. 

Don't get me wrong, as a writer I realize just sitting and thinking is very important. But this is how it is, there are always going to be excuses holding you back. 

It's easy to fall back on them and say, oh, I'll do it this day, or that day, and before you know it nothing gets done. 

There were times when I said, oh, this just doesn't feel right, later on I'll be more in the mood. But I wasn't. Later I was exhausted because of work, or something else that popped up. 

You have to seize the moment, not just the day. Live life, but snatch at any spare time you can. Use your cell. Don't like that? Take a notebook and pen/pensil. Just do it. 

It's not easy, but once you get past that initial pain of pulling open the hole, you know the one that gives you just enough of a peek to know what you should be doing--what you want to do. 

You know, it hurts to get your nail in there like a pistachio and pry, pull. Fit your finger in, then your arm, then get all the way through. 

But once you're in there it's so much different. 

So give it a try. Hold your mouth open and pinch your nose, and take the spoon-full. Because you'll notice once you do that it doesn't taste all that bad. In fact it's damn delicious. 



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