Hmmm, Social Media. Yay or Nay

The more I think about it, the more I am starting to think that perhaps Twitter was a mistake. 

I've gained friends and sure, not all has been a waste. But even looking at the posts from others, I see that it is a distraction. 

Used sparingly, I can see how later it might help, as a resume of sorts, but it seems like a game. The whole follow me and I'll follow you, hawking your wares to others who are most likely doing the same. Politics creeping in just at the right moment to screw things up further. 

I don't know. 

Maybe I'm not doing it right. Maybe that's all that it's meant for. What do I know? 

I do know we are supposed to be doing what we came to do. If that's writing, so be it. If it's some other creative path, so be it, as well. But we are supposed to be getting down to business and doing what we love, what we come home exhausted from work ready to pass out yet need to open that Word file, or insert whatever it is you do that is your "dream". 

This isn't a joke. Or is it? 

We have limited time here, even less if you consider how fragile our existence is from even day to day. 

We can get lost in a great book, or watch a wonderful movie. Then I think of social media and feeling I have to post something, or retweet something, and it perverts the feelings I had going into this whole thing in the first place. That feeling of creating something, of something wonderful stewing inside your mind. 

Will I stop social media? 

No. But at this moment, I am just thinking. Maybe more to come. 



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