Too many projects?

I am working on too many projects at the moment. 

I get ideas and start another story. Some of them go into the slush pile, while others stick around longer. 

Some will be recycled, and others will just fizzle out. 

Either way, I am wondering today if having too many is bad. 

Sometimes you just have to stop some and finish one of them off. 

I think putting down one story temporarily and tinkering with another is a good way to take your mind off the first one. 

It's a way to trick your mind into coming around with a fresh mind. 

Of course you can put the story aside and come back in a week, or so. But sometimes you want to (or have to) get to that other story that is pressing your thoughts. 

But how many is too many? 

I sometimes read multiple stories at the same time, as well. I know of people who do this, but can it be detrimental to absorbing information? 

It all depends on what you can handle. If you see it's not working out, do something different. 

How do you write stories? One, two, three at a time? Or do you like to focus and finish one, maybe opting to write down notes for any others, before you go to the next? 

Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter @Wcmarchese 

Hope to see you there. 



R.C. Mulhare said…
I usually have about three to five active writing projects going at once. That way, if one piece is refusing to be written, I can turn to another WIP and work on that.

Unfortunately, sometimes a story cools down and I wind up really setting it aside. Thus, I have about 40 unfinished works sitting in dead tree journals (I rough draft things longhand), and 10 that are finished, but need to be typed. Been picking away at the completed stuff, trying to type those up with a view to (eventually) finding homes in print for them. All things in good time!

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