Blog or Vlog?

Not sure what to do here.

While I love the format of blogging, basically a colloquial writing of my thoughts, for the most part ending with a question for anyone, there is a point where you realize some, if not most, may prefer to catch a quick video version instead of having to read words. 

And while doing both sounds cool, with the work load and family, plus actually writing, it can become a harrowing feat.

If I didn't have to put in much thought, it would be easier. But there has to be some level of thought to come up with ideas three times a week that people can relate to. 

Coming up with content last minute is akin to dreading going back to work the next day after a weekend when you are half asleep and realize you have to post something the next day. 

So my question today, along with a possible poll on Twitter, is this: Should I continue with the writing format of these posts, or do a video? The video may sometimes be edited, or sometimes live. What would you prefer? Assuming there are people reading/watching, that is. 

You can comment below, or hit me up on Twitter @Wcmarchese 

Hope to see you there. 



Mr Deadman said…
It's not easy at all. I prefer vlog cause it is easier to produce, as long as you're comfortable with a rough take, and take some time to collect your thoughts before hands. Stretching yourself thin can drain you of just about any desire to actually write.

I would say follow with what you're comfortable with. If you need time to relax then take that, too. I am the WORST at taking time to relax for me. Those moments are the nights after a podcast where I can smoke on a cigar and have a beer on the back patio, enjoy the night, the quiet, the air.

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