Are You Using Social Media Correctly?

So many ways to get your work out there.

Social media is such a useful tool these days, compared to the days when you had to advertise the hard way. News paper and TV ads.

As social media rose, getting you name out became easier and easier.

Today, writing a blog, or a vlog (on YouTube, Twitch, or other video site) does not net you as much as it did back then—mostly because it was new there were not as many as now making videos. But there are other ways to generate a little here and there. 

Even if they don’t pay as much as theu used to, and the sites are oversaturated with others vying for your attention, you can still carve out a piece of the pie for yourself, and at the end of it all, get your name out there--of course if done right. 

Once you build a presence, you can use those sites you’ve built as a way to get new happenings out to your fans.

Also, when you’re ready to find an agent, and they help you find a publisher, they’re going to want to see how big your social media footprint is on the net. How you come across to fans. How you articulate messages. How well you write. And, what mischief you’re involving yourself in. 

Joining a group is a great idea, as well. Not only do you meet great, like-minded individuals, but you can spread each other's word to the world. 

A great group is essential, too. Most of my group is tagged in the picture. 

So be yourself, but be careful.

As you go with your blog and vlog and whatever else you have, something called a snowball effect takes place. The more content you have, the more for the reader or video watcher to look back on.

Make sure it’s quality content, or else they won’t come back.

Oh, and try to build a routine, because once they like your work, the viewer is going to want to see more on a timely basis. Think like how writers are expected to put a book out every six months, a year is pushing it. Sometimes even less than six months. Publishing houses want to keep you fresh in the publics eyes—especially if you’re hot out of the gate.

Now they like your media, and they subscribe, or look for more.

And then, hey, you’re a writer, you have a book coming out. You’ve built a fan base. Now they are aware.

This is what publishing houses are looking for, how many sales you can generate off the bat before the media blitz starts. These days you are expected more and more to push advertising, as well. 

But that's OK, you've built your social media and are sitting pretty. 

How do you get your message out there? Just Twitter or Facebook, or do you utilize a blog and/or vlog? Are you consistent, or do you post whenever? Or are you just here to read motivational messages with my smooth words?

Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter @Wcmarchese

Hope to see  you there.



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