Is Carl Dead -- Warning Spoilers!

It's another Monday. I'm here trying to get some projects finished, waiting for some subs to come back with a good or bad response. 

Hopefully good. 

I know this post is usually about motivation. 

But really, anything can be turned into a motivational piece. 

Depending on how you present it. 

So I'm going to play with something new. 

If you haven't seen the latest Walking Dead where you-know-who dies, then stop reading. 

If you don't care, keep reading. 

At this point, I think everyone has at least heard something about Carl dying. 

Okay, there, I said it. 

Now I've taken a lot of heat from buddies about my theory that he isn't dead. And I can break it down for you to think about it too. 

First: When Glen "died" in that dumpster scene with the dope who killed himself and pulled Glen with him onto a crowd of zombies, we thought he was a goner. 

AMC even cut away Glenn's portion of the story there for a bit. 

If i'm not mistaken, to the next mid-season? Either way, it left people to deliberate if he was truly dead. 

This because sometimes the AMC version of the series keeps to the comics, but sometimes they move in a different direction. Some characters get the death of others, usually clues are dropped for the die-hard fans to piece together. 

So, keeping that in mind, we come back to Carl meeting his demise. 

In the comic Carl does not die, actually he's still alive from what I've read at time of this posts original date. 

Now, very simply, it's extremely easy to pull a more complex Glenn dumpster death by "killing" off Carl, and then creating a media hoopla about his father in real life saying AMC ripped off his son monetarily, and the actor who plays Carl, Chandler Riggs, goes off to do another roll on a different show. 


But what if he faked the bite, because he has to take care of something. They've done this with Morgan, where he came back at the right time, and Carol, as well. 

It's very easy to say he took off somewhere. 

I mean, look at the scene where he actually dies. He doesn't turn. Rick nor Michonne can do the deed, supposedly. 

Or maybe Carl didn't want to have them do it. 

Either way, Rick and Michonne are seen outside a run down house and then you hear the gun shot. 

Now, yes, you see them burying someone. But the body is covered and they never show Carl anywhere in those scenes--at least not that I saw. 

Plus there's that weird scene they keep cutting to of Rick's eyes close up and a sort of rainbow reflection shining over them. His eyes are tearing. It always happens before the flashes of them older and happy. 

We've seen this before, too, where Carl kills his mother when in the prison. You never see it. Though, she did die. 

Now I'm not saying I would be surprised if Carl is really dead. That can very well be fact. 

But think about it. Very conveniently that possibly is kept open for the writers to get him back in at some point--if they wanted to. Either he faked the bite, or get this! 

Carl is immune to the bites! 

They might jump the shark if they show he faked it, because then showing when he got bit was a sham.  

He got really sick and had the fever, but never really died. He let them think he shot himself. 

Remember, this series is getting older, I've read people are watching it less. 

Tying it up could be in the books to move onto Fear, or another zombie project. 

There are other theories that can be injected here, and I haven't looked yet on YouTube, but i'm sure there are many who have their own thoughts on this and such. 

Let me know what you think? 

Is Carl still alive? Dead? Or are you uncertain about all I've said above. 

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @Wcmarchese 

Hope to see you there. 



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