Every One Of Us

This week I am thinking about something that is on the minds of many. Some wield this something to hurt others, or to attempt to help. But it comes up, over and over, blatantly in social media, or embedded in fiction.
I'm talking about politics.
As I’ve said in prior posts, I don’t get involved. It’s just too messy of a subject to talk about. You will offend someone.
And I know there are those who don’t care either way. And that’s on them.
They fall into many categories, but two that come to mind are those who have made it far in their career and it won’t hurt them financially at their point in life, or those who are starting out and think they will make the world look at them because they think they are on the winning team. As if the politicians even care. 
Personally, either way, to me, is bad. 

I cut some out of this post, because it's about inspiration and creation. I'm not going to bombard you with what I feel about the whole political thing, but I will say just look. Do they really care for us? 

Any of them? 

Don't answer. Because I don't care. 

I've gone on a hiatus of news and feel better for it. I will listen to important things, local things, but once the bullshit starts, I turn it off. 

And I’m certainly not saying not to speak ones mind.
I’m just saying, there are those who stuff their ideals and such down others throats at the wrong place and time. They become crazed by the news and the latest scandals that news outlets make us believe is the be-all-end-all of truth. One sided views are dangerous. 

Now think of this. 
If you are trying to be a writer, or a TV actor, or anything where you want to sell what you do to others, you might not want to offend those who could buy your products continously enjoy your work.
Yes, people will say, but if something is so out there, so crazy, shouldn’t you speak up?
Well, yes, there are times and places for that, if you wish to do so.
I’ll put it bluntly.
It all boils down to do you want to shit where you eat?
And if you do, so be it. That’s on you.
I just know I want my stories to be read by every race, every gender, class, creed.
I don’t want to limit my thoughts and stories to just one group.
I grew up in a very diverse family. In the Bronx.
I have African American cousins, Jamaican cousins, Puerto Rican cousins.

I did a DNA test and found I am Italian, English and even some West Asian, probably from the British portion.
My wife is Puerto Rican, and my daughter is half PR and the other half is all the mix that I am.
Whatever the case, I’m sure those writers out there who are working hard to create a name for themselves feel the same. They don’t want all that hard work to go to waste. They want to do this for a living. And, I assume, they want as many people as possible reading their work.
Enjoying their work.
Crying because their work took them to a place in their mind that they only visit in dreams.
And ultimately building a bond through sharing moments we all go through.
Every one of us.
So yes, it’s ok to express yourself and beliefs. But think about what it might cause, who it might hurt.

Insindiary social media posts someone who has nothing to do with this nonsense sees and is polluted by anger and hate. 
Because it’s a shame when great literature/movies/art can’t be enjoyed by anyone who wants to enjoy them without feeling threatened or put down.
So, what do you feel about this? I guess there’s no specific question. Do you want as many people reading your work as possible? Or do you want only a certain group to enjoy your prose? 
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Hope to see you there


Unknown said…
I don't have a problem with writers taking political or social stances, but b/c politics is such a hot-button issue these days, and any writer who wants to engage in it should consider the consequences: high likelihood of turning certain demographics of readers away.

If they're okay with said consequences and really want to weigh in on a real-world issue, then they should. However, even if they opt to, there's always the question on how to do that tastefully, and that's a topic for a different conversation altogether.

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