How Do You Edit

A writing bud, David Wilson, who I just had the honor of speaking to on Gary Buller and my show, did an edit on a story I am working on for an anthology. 

He brought to my attention a yearning within to learn as much as possible about grammar and all the technical terms. I know this is boring to a lot. But in some strange way, I do feel an affinity towards this knowledge. 

To edit my own work would be so awesome. To get it to the point where an editor looks at it and may need to swipe her pen once or twice here and there. 

Can't beat that. 

It saves time. 

Another writer friend, Steve, has a great article up on his site. Check it out here: Steve Casey The Best Self Editing Tips Every Writer Needs to Know

I guess this Wednesday, my question to you all is this: Do you self edit, or have someone else edit your work? And with others editing, do you heed their advice, or laugh and continue with what you feel is right? 

Leave your awesome comments down below, or on Twitter @Wcmarchese 

Hope to see you there. 

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R.C. Mulhare said…
I usually self-edit, and am doing so as of now (or I should be at least, since I'm typing this :: laughs ::).

Aside from that! I have two tricks that I use to short-circuit the creative side of my brain and put my brain into critical mode. One is to read the story backwards, starting with the last page and ending with the first. The other which I just adopted, is to edit the even number pages first and then edit the odd number pages. Works like a charm!
William said…
The reading backwards sounds familiar, and interesting. Do you literally read each word backwards in order, or the pages?


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