Have You Found Your Voice?

I'm sure your voice has always been there. But what is the point when a writer solidifies that their voice has fully formed? 

When do they recognize it's there and embrace it? 

I look back on older work and wonder, was my voice somewhere in there? 

I pick up bits and pieces from it, but it is clunky and riddled with things I wouldn't do now. 

Some may not see this, may think the older stuff is just an unrefined version of my writing now. 

And I supposed that's okay. 

I wouldn't want them to read it the way I see it--heavily critical of myself until I come to the conclusion it actually isn't that bad. 

Either way, your voice evolves until there is a solid means to tell your story. 

There is a way to get your thoughts across. 

It is something you can fall back on knowing it will carry your ideas and words in manner that is almost logical in an illogical craft. 

When exactly had you found your voice? Or are you still looking for it? Have you noticed a progression in your voice? 

Let me know in the comments section below, or on Twitter @Wcmarchese 

Can't wait to see you there. 



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