Just Do It

Among the many blog posts I’ve done, I don’t recall if I ever titled one this, but it fits the my thoughts this Friday.

So I figured I’d use it, maybe again.

And I’m not talking about the Nike saying.

What I’m connecting it to is that point when you are able to take a moment to write. 

You tell everyone your intensions and close the door to wherever you go, mentally or physically, and you have your computer, or notebook, or cellphone and you set out to do your thing.

But then Twitter starts chirping, or Facebook messenger calls for attention. Before you know it, you’re looking at YouTube videos for a video game review or some conspiracy theory that you were pondering.

Maybe even those cool countdown videos of the 5 most horrific Halloween murders.

It’s okay, we all do it. 

Sometimes it gets me a little and I correct myself, sometimes it veers me totally off track and I feel very guilty afterwards.

There are times it can help, because everything we take in can be used in our stories.

But then there’s the argument that those things can be done in our spare time...

Not when we are supposed to be writing.

True, sometimes it may be wise to wind down before getting to the writing session, refresh your mind and such. 

But there has to be a limit where you shut those things down and start. 

Maybe you can try a different method than going completely lazy. Like meditation, or reading a favorite author for half an hour to get into the zone.

Sometimes, like the title says, you have to just do it. Shut off those notifications, cancel everything out except the word processor document you need to work on.

Maybe even go long hand in a notebook to completely cut yourself off from the outside world.

But make sure you do what you came to do.

Look at the words until you focus. Start reading, and then go back and get to work once inspiration kicks in.

You know, that part could be shorter, or, this part needs more information, or, what was I thinking putting this in there when it does nothing for the progression?

You’ll get into the swing of things and before you know it, that session will be very fruitful. You’ll be happier and want to do it more often.

And it wont feel like such a chore.

When you find time to write, what do you do? Do you procrastinate and indulge in YouTube, or do you get down to the nitty gritty and do your thing? Or something in between?

Let me know in the comments section, or on Twitter @Wcmarchese

Hope to see you there.



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