Writing Exercises Help

A writer friend and I are doing writing exercises as a way to keep ourselves sharp and in an attempt to keep the spirit up.
Just like I do with this blog, I try to write something to keep it fresh so I don't put it aside and forget about it for a long period of time.
The blog has morphed into something a little different, where I write what I'm thinking if it's strong enough for me to share. Sometimes I just express ideas and thoughts. I don't create a fanfare for some of these posts, as they are just small editions, tiny updates or random things that may not deserve that. Filler for those who may want to read my thoughts to go back and (hopefully) enjoy while I think of the big one on Friday.
To get back to the main reason for this post: the exercises. I feel it is helping me because I can hone my skills, and maybe even recycle parts from the little stories created. Gary and I give each other a prompt, and then we write a scene. 500 words he set. I've come up so far with two flash pieces from it. In no more than 20 to 30 minutes. Not too bad.
I guess you can liken it to a very scaled down version of NaNoWriMo.
There are many different training exercises one can do to keep things running smooth. The less time you have, the smaller the exercise should be.
Think of this, I read once Chuck Palahniuk used to write down short scenes and notes in between his busy work day. Later he put them together to make a larger story. But he did it with what time he had, with what resources he had. That's what it takes.


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