Keep Busy

Keeping busy is good to train your writing muslcle. Whether it's blogs or short stories or other, continuously exposing yourself to the craft is good to learn and solidify your current talents. 

Gary Buller (a fellow writer whom also does a talk show with me on YouTube) and I were discussing this recently. 

He said we need to keep working on short stories, and how it keeps you sharp. I agreed and said it's one of the reasons I do the blog posts (to keep writing even if i'm not, if that make sense.) 

But these posts aren't really edited too much, mostly off the cuff thoughts, with art work to get it noticed and add another element to the subject. 

Also, it's an easier way to get my posts onto Instagram--because of the pictures.

But there is a truth to what he says. 

Though, he did say it gives deadlines, which are good, but then I argued those deadlines can take away from your novel time as well. 

In the end we agreed you need to keep writing. 

I have two shorts I'm currently working on and one other for a specific anthology.

So here's to writing more. 

I also thought, hadn't said this in our convo yet, that a way to hurry the novel process is to finish three chapters fast and then send them to agents. Of course if they reply you have to put a fire under your rear, but at that point I'm sure you wouldn't mind. 

I fantasize that if I were to get that request, I'd take a few days off work and get down to business. 

Of course, don't make the work you need to do to complete the story so much that you can't finish it in more than a weekend. 

You know where your work is. 

But move things along--challenge yourself. 

How do you keep yourself writing? 

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter HERE

Hope to see you there. 



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