Quick post to update what's going on. 

I'm working with a buddy writer of mine on some writing exercises. Thought it would be a good idea to keep each other sharp, and weed out our weaknesses and see our strengths. 

Going pretty well so far. I've been working on that, and a short story I want to have finished soon. 

I also want to start on my novel to send out, hopefully, this fall, or winter. 

Lot's to do, and no time. 

Work has been crazy. Interns everywhere means questions and questions mean all of my attention is at work. 

Although, I can take a note here and there. And lunch, which is where I am now, can get a few ideas out. 

I'm also reading a lot more, or trying. 

I started an audio book by Stephen King called Doctor Sleep. Enjoying it so far. I listen while I'm driving, instead of listening to podcasts. It's a pretty good way to get extra reading in, which is such and important part of being a writer. I really see what some feel about reading often. 

Until next time, talk soon. 



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