At what point do you stop giving away the secrets? That is, of course, you are giving them out in the first place.

Your secrets.

Well, there are secrets that some will never understand even if you broke it down for them, they are your own. You can put out a book titled On Writing and give away every single detail and it will never be taken and used to undermine what you’re doing.

Some can study up on it, and come out with copies, but you are you and no one can tell what your next move is. Or can they? Sounds like a story.

You see, you have learned and taken bits and pieces from different articles and books and pieced them together to suit how you write. And only you apply those learnings in your own unique way to what you want to create.
I say you can learn something from everything; you read it and extract the points that make sense to your soul.

Of course, don't pass by points that are universal--tidbits that could save you from wasting your time in the bigger picture. There will be advice meant for all. But know when it is so, and when the words are merely the opinion or life lessons from the author giving them.

If you find quite a few authors saying the same things, it's probably safe to say those are the universal facts I was talking about in the prior paragraph.

You'll get the hang of it. Slowly but surely I feel I am.

Ask others when you have to make a decision, especially a big one like partnering with someone else for a project or other matter. And make sure you have an idea of what you're getting into before you take the dive, because if you want to write and those other obligations obstruct that dream then you'll never be truly happy.

Now get out there and do your thing!


Oh, and check out the latest YouTube show Gary Buller and I put out this past Sunday with this It's a serious show, but sometimes we have a little fun.


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