Do You

You read your favorite author and think I can do that. You marvel over how wonderful their choice of words is. You can't believe how well their hook, or twist, was pulled off in their latest book. 
You look up their other work and find they have a book on writing. 

Okay, stop there. 

It's fine to read about how many different artists do their thing, but you should be taking that wisdom and building your own plan of action, testing them on your own, to see what works for you. 

Because you are you and those writers are their own person. Even the greats have their favorites, but I'm sure they've blazed their own path and made themselves their own brand. 

I can't explain how it happens, or what exactly it is, but there is a point where you put things together and realize something. You find that special thing that resonates in yourself and you put it into your work. Now your work is yours, only you can write it. 

Then you make a book about writing and fans of yours who want to write study it up and down. 

But guess what? 

They can copy your style and such, but they'll never be their own writer that way. And that is sad, because there already is a you. 

Feel me? 



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