Kindle Mobile App Update

The Kindle mobile app is getting an update. This is mostly for Android running 7 and up. 

iOS users have already seen this update, though the split screen feature is only for certain iPad models--probably the latest ones. 

Android has had this split-screen feature now on their phones for a bit, and Samsung (which had this feature even before Google put it out) Note phones had it forever until it came to the S line. 

Amazon is adding notifications to the Kindle app. I've had this on mine for a bit, so don't know if this will be a new-and-improved notification system, but could be nice if you're favorite author puts out new work you may want to read, or if there is a flash sale you may want to jump on. 

I purchased a Joe Hill book this way one time, so it could be useful. 

Who is excited for this split-screen feature, or the notifications? 

Do you have them already on your device? 

I do feel it can be useful to look up info while reading, but you can sort of do that already by using Android's card system and opening up a search page. 

Also, there is already a dictionary in the app. So most of the times that's enough for me.  

It's nice to have any extra feature, though. Even if all of us won't use it. 

Now I wonder, will they be giving the vertical scroll like iOS has? That might be a nifty feature for those who don't want to swipe left and right and just scroll up and down like a news article in a mobile browser. 

The Kindle update is coming soon. 



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