Friday Musings 8/11/2017

Back in the flow this Friday morning. Got the leaf going and a refreshed Outlook on my writing. I'm sure even seasoned writers go through that, as well as anyone creating art, or has a hobby. Some call it writers block, some just are going through a slump. At times like these it's best to reset. Try a new perspective, or a new style. Anything to kickstart the energy. 

My leaf gets me going. It's not my muse, but maybe my muse
likes it. It's part of a vision I see when I write. A make believe place I imagine when going into that mood. It's not imagination if you believe in it,and there are those who go there way too easy and truly believe, but that's another post. But as long as you aren't hurting anyone (except your characters) then all should be fine. 

Well, I have to get some writing in before I start the day job. Talk soon. 



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