Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 8/18/2017

WCM: On last Fridays edition of the show, me and Dedman had on a guest who desires to skydive naked. Dedman can explain it best. 

JD: Amber Clements is hands down the most bad ass guest we've had ever. She skydives nude so much that she broke a state record and is brave enough to answer a Craigslist modeling ads in Murder Beach, South Carolina. 

WCM: We got up to the usual hijinks. Kentucky Bob had another intellectual, yet provocative question for Dedman--who was accused later on by some to have went full pervert. Maybe the tone of his voice? 

JD: I've never been shy about being a pervert. What can I say? I'm a hardwired hetero male with  a lot of testosterone. It's the sort of wiring that has gotten many celebs in trouble like R Kelly, but at least I'm not into pee and I like it legal. People who follow me know that I'm a bit if a gutter brain, and it came out when Amber talked about skydiving nude. 

WCM: Well, either way you look at it, the show was another entertaining night for those who sit in their basement staring longingly at a bottle of Jergens while waiting for the show to finally end... (deep breath). We also birth a new term: Butter fist. Another one for Dedman to explain, as he so eloquently does. 

JD: Butter Fist! I think it's best to listen to the podcast to fully understand butter fist. 

Outro: Check out the show this Friday. Authors that kill for experience! (Found a few more article about authors charged with murder) How far would you go? Also, do writers get possessed? Is it really the writer who creates the success? 

You can tune in on Spreaker live 11pm Easter time, and download episodes after here. 

You can also listen on iTunes and YouTube. 

WCM and JD


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