Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 8/25/2017

WCM: The show had it's challenges this week. Texas started with a terrible hurricane and I am on vacation in Puerto Rico. For this episode, though, I just happened to be staying in a hotel with WiFi. So that worked out. I am using my phone and laptop. Dedman has a cupboard full of beer, there just wasn't any water left at the supermarket. Now that's dedication. We still managed to get the show out. 

JD: As long as I have my beer! And you know what? I didn’t buy enough. The roads are flooded because Harvey just won’t stop pissing on Houston, and my supply is down to four cans! Four cans for a man that drinks about twelve a day. Beer is like water for me, and now I’m gonna have to swim for more! 

WCM: We got to the point. We came to talk horror. Kentucky Bob had another question for Dedman, and we delved into the subject of horror writers who commit murder for inspiration. Also, are writers possessed by a spirit, or demons? When they get down to writing, is something else driving the wheel? 

JD: Kentucky Bob thinks he can get a rise out of Mr. Deadman, but he’s wasting his time. Sticks and stones break bones, words are only hurt if you give them power. Someone told me once that he who angers you, controls you. That important nugget of knowledge has helped me remain calm in the face of extreme verbal filth.

JD: Writers possessed by demons? First we have to prove that there are demons, and though a night desecrating a Ouija board with my balls was followed by my deck catching fire, I’m not convinced that demons exist. For me, I want to see it. I want to share a beer with a demon and learn something from it, even if it hurts me. 

WCM: We agreed to disagree. We brought up Stephen King, once again, far too many times. And no matter what Dedman says, I do not condone going about anything that hurts another living thing just to gain experience for writing. Now, if you simulate things, like how your characters react and such to different stimuli and need to talk to yourself, that should be okay. Granted, it's another subject all together, because, you are talking to yourself... Just make sure you don't answer back. haha. Sometimes you need to do those things. Just please, no harming anything! 

JD: You should not murder to get experience to draw from for that best-selling novel. However, a few authors have, and they have found success. What does that mean? It doesn’t mean anything, and if you think it does then please check in to a loony hospital. 

JD: Yeah, we were washing King’s balls. If you want to know what it tastes like, it tastes like ash and sweat. 

WCM: lol! Even though we were limited in resources this time around, we still showed our dedication to those who look forward to the show. Please, be sure to leave a comment and suggestions on how you think we're doing. We want to create better content for you. 

JD: The dedication should not go overlooked. Please, leave a comment and suggestions. 

Outro: Will Marchese make it this week? Did Mr. Deadman survive the flooding? Did his house get flooded in? Find out on the next show. 

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