Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap (extra episode)

WCM: This week we had a special, extra episode. I needed to test out the signal in the mountains to see if I could do the Friday show, and it works pretty nice. It also turned out that the test continued into a full fledged episode. Straight from my phone. Gotta love technology. 

JD: Instead of riding solo, I checked in on the Dynamite to see if he could spare a few minutes from hunting chupacabras to test out the connection. It worked, and a bit better than the previous show.

WCM: We discussed many things. Dedman got out some frustration on a local Texan who claims to be a man of Faith, yet was sketchy on letting people flooded out of their homes into his stadium. Later he let them in, but not before tons of Twitter followers shamed him. 

JD: Joel Osteen doesn’t like dirty people! If you’re unclean, wet with flood water, and smell like sweat then you best go away! The man of God is too busy counting money he received from donations. Hurricane Harvey donations that went to him! I’m glad that twitter followers outed him. What would be better is if his followers learn about who he really is. Actions like this say a lot about the content of one’s character.

WCM: we talked more horror, tickled Steve K a bit, and just did what you're supposed to do on a talk show. We talked. Well, at least we know the signal works. Now we just need Dedman to keep safe. See you Friday, God willing. 

JD: We talked about sex bots, Trump in Houston, while drinking beer. Good times. 

Outro: DRAMA ALERT! Mr. Deadman and The Dynamite have different opinions about pronouns and are ready to go at it live on Friday. If you enjoy writing nerd stuff, then this episode is for you, and if not, then stick around for the drama! 

You can listen on iTunes and YouTube and even download on Spreaker to listen whenever you want--even without signal!


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