Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 8/11/2017

WCM: This was a laid back episode where me and Dedman simply discussed topics. Nothing wrong with those episodes. We discussed the publishing industry and how it's hard to make it in the horror magazine world. 

JD: We found out that I'm actually from Saudi Arabia! Plus, we go pretty deep into why short story authors are broke, because the magazines are struggling.

WCM: And why haven't writers received a raise? You'll find out in this episode. Hmm, you think it's a bad time to discuss my raise? Lol

JD: you want a raise? Not with the way things are currently. The moment DT gets a raise, you get a raise, and right now it's still pocket change. Seriously, I go over the books and reveal my stats.

WCM: Well, either way, there are crazy things going on in the world right now. Let alone the technicalities of getting paid, how can you even get writing done with all these things overwhelming you? 

JD: What can we do? Pour a drink, light a smoke, and watch with awe at how quickly intolerance escalates to violence and how violence begets violence. 

Outro: I saw we offer some levity on the next show. Let's go over some crazy WTF news stories and the happenings in horror. Why did the Munsters get a reboot but not the Addams family? 

You can listen on iTunes and YouTube and Spreaker where you can listen live Friday 11pm Eastern Time.


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