Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 8/4/2017

WCM: On this week's show we had on That Terrible Woman with us. We discussed women in horror and how they are portrayed in B-rated horror films. They also get a bad rap in mainstream, as well. But are the changing times seeing more women taking on main character roles? 

JD: Even in 70s and 80s, women were the stars of horror. Sure, women were chosen because generally people put more stock in whether a woman makes it out alive. Yeah, there are dumb blonde moments, sex, and panty shots. If you're a woman getting into horror, be the lead. The lead role is where it's at.

WCM: Catman took his face out of the kittie litter long enough to make Miss Horrible's acquaintance. I think they hit it off. She knew who he was from previous shows. 

JD: She is a fan of the show and a follower of Catman. Nice. We also had a fan from Kentucky ask me a very interesting question. 

WCM: The fart board seemed to be retired, so I got a replacement, and it's not too bad. And speaking of farts, a guest had a question for Dedman, and boy did he answer it. 

JD: Telling you, the government is trying to sabotage the show. They're on to us for our coverage of Scary Logos, Cryptids, Super Microbes, and the Illuminati. 

Oh, and I did answer the question of how many fingers can i put up my ass. I answered it while talking to That Horrible Woman. 

WCM: Sick, just sick... 

Our next guest is Heinrich Darko an author of dark bizarro fiction and someone that gets in trouble for sharing unpopular opinions on Facebook, tune in. 

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