I admit, I have been a big time procrastinator. It's easy to put things off when life has so many things that need to be done. It's easy to get buried in the day to day grind. I really was shackled and pulled under the current on that one, for many years. 

I finally said screw this and got to it. Life is too short. So I finished my first novel and then my second. They aren't edited, but they are done. A HUGE step for me. I debated if I should start the third while i'm on this kick, but decided to get to work on editing the first one and begin sending it out. 

While I do that, working on short stories and social media fill in the gaps when I don't feel up to the editing. It's important to work on anything you can during the time you allocate for writing. If you can't do one thing, do something else, anything that moves you to your goal. You know how I feel about the social thing, but I do believe there is ideal time for it, especially with smartphones and work commuting--especially the subway where I am, you get a lot of writing done during rush hour. 

You have to make the writing time you carve out of the day work, no matter what. And sometimes that is a hard task indeed. The day job sometimes drains the energy and creativity out of you, then there is the worry and negativity that is thrown your way, it's no wonder that writers sit down behind their favorite tool of the craft and just stare at the blank page. 

I'm hoping with this blog, and other outlets, writers can gain the energy that is needed to go at this with a renewed sense of pride and gusto that comes from positive attitude and a strong group of people with like-minded goals. 

Lets see if something else burps out of me tonight--I miss a few days and then all of this starts spewing. :) Busy week at work. 

Until next time (five minutes? jk) keep writing. 



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