What is Better for Writing? Typing Faster or Slower?

What is better for writing, typing faster or typing slower? 

Some writers type slow, like Stephen King. I've read and seen him in action. He uses his two index fingers as he pecks away at a manuscript. Don't know he does it different now, but that's what I've seen. 

I personally type pretty fast. I think that getting all my thoughts out and then looking at the words is more useful to me. Then again, I can see how writing slow can be beneficial, as well. For instance, when you type slow you are more into the sentence, seeing every word and knowing if it flows or works--then again a fast writer would catch all that during an edit.

Typing slow could also hinder your thoughts, especially if you are a fast thinker. It all comes down to what works best for you and your personal writing style.

Dean Koontz, I've read, types out a page at a time, then goes over that page, editing, then retypes that one page until he gets it right, then goes on to the next page once that last one is ready. This, he says, gets him in touch with the story. He knows everything that's going on before moving to the next page. 

All writers have a different method, whether it being slower or faster. It's all about what works for you. If you don't type fast, you can always learn, but if it's something you just find you can't get into, then you adapt typing slow and your technique takes shape. It's all about getting the story onto the page and then out to your readers. 

Another con of typing slow is if your computer crashes and you've only printed a copy to go off of, then you're going to be there for a bit retyping that story. But if you're fast then it's no sweat. Though, it is always good to have a good storage solution at the ready. 

So either way is good, but in the end you'll know what works best for you. Let me know what you think in the comments and keep writing. 



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