Energy Vampires

     It's a real thing, energy vampires. Ever been around a person that makes you feel drained? You don't want to hang out with them, or take their call, but they want to talk to you. They want to tell you every problem they have and tell you what they think YOU should do with your life.
     They haven't done anything with theirs, at least not in the subject they are attempting to advise you about. Sometimes just the mere thought of them feels like someone slipped a piece of kryptonite in your pocket. You know the feeling, you got off the phone last weekend with the energy sucker and your positive mind made you almost instantly forget about the experience, as the brain usually does with traumatic experiences, and then, BAM, the phone rings and you see their name. Or you get a text and your heart sinks into your stomach. You don't want to answer, but you feel you have to, that you owe it to them because their life is worse off than yours. I mean, come on, didn't they tell you all their problems last weekend? Didn't you know?
     Everyone has someone like this in their life, whether it be family or friend, maybe even a co-worker. It ranges from telling problems to criticizing you to even asking for money--the worst.
     Take heed. Once you know who and what they are, their powers are instantly diminished. There are a lot of articles out there to read on the subject, just type in energy vamipires, too many to post just one here. 

I can tell you, if you don't get rid of them--or if you can't get rid of them, at least block their negative energy most of the time--you're going to be in for a great deal of emotional turmoil and it will most likely affect your writing in the process.

     I know, it hurts sometimes to block them, especially if it's family or someone very close, but it has to be done if you are going to achieve success. It's hard enough having the industry weight coming down on you, the probabilities of becoming a successful writer--heck, even a semi-successful writer--and then to have someone tell you that, "It's probably not going to happen, c'mon, you've been working on that for years. Oh, why don't you just do this, you were so good at it. I mean, you're wasting your time. Oh, by the way, did you hear... blah blah blah, suck suck suck."
      I'm telling you right now, if they are nothing to you, and you have no close ties, cut them off quick. Now. Just do it. Because they have no place in your life and career if they are going to just add to the already huge plate of stress we carry. And not just in the writing biz, no, but everything in life that has a path to success.
     A good thing to remember, too, is if you are feeling bad to begin with, or not totally sure of yourself, and just about everyone has that feeling from time to time, then you could be more open to the vampires powers.

     Now look it up, cut them off and get back to writing.



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