Never Lose Hope

A good episode of The Walking Dead aired this weekend, at least in my opinion. And sometimes it makes me think...are my stories good enough to go up against the ones at the top? Am I putting enough work into them? Is my dialogue stilted? I think about these things a lot, but it's best to be calm and get down to business. You can't please know the rest. Do your best and edit and show other people your work--trusted people--and things will come together.

Remember those writers at the top were once where you are, starting out, looking for that idea that would explode. Worrying about their grammar, or pacing. It takes time.

Take Harry Potter. Imagine the agent before she found Christopher Little, or the publishing houses that turned her down? I can't even imagine how they feel, but it happens. 

I love hearing success stories like that, because it proves anything is possible. They give hope, and that's something aspiring writers need these days.

There will be a lot of people trying to bring you down, trying to defeat you with terrible, jealous comments. There will most likely be a lot of rejections. Sometimes you have to step back and look at what it all means. If they aren’t saying anything constructive, then don't even think about it. Most of the time writers who are successful will not insult or try to bring down fellow writers--heck, most writers trying to make it wont insult another writer. And some, probably most, rejection letters are just simply the publisher has no room at that moment. Look for the helpful rejections with replies and critique, because they saw enough in your work to say something constructive.

A lot of the things people who insult your work say may be true. This is good, because you are getting a real criticism, no holds barred. Where as a family member or friend might fluff it up a bit. It may hurt, but it can be more helpful than you know.

Sometimes your dreams can become buried under work or personal things that need to get done, but you must never lose sight of these dreams. If you really love this, and can reach even one reader and make them feel better about their life, change their world, then it's all worth it. No? OK, the money and fame would be nice too. So think of it this way: the more famous you become, the more people you can help. You philanthropist you.

Keep writing.



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