Portable Writing

Even if you're out and about, there is still time for writing. A lot of the writing I do gets done while I'm on a train, or even on errands.

My phone is a writing powerhouse, with apps to manage my social media and website, to Microsoft Word--which they put out not too long ago on mobile and saves documents in the cloud, or only on your device (for those skeptical of the cloud.)

Even if I don't get everything done, I can start it off and finish it up later. Or if I have something that's just about ready to go, I can do some final editing while on the move. This saves time and allows you to be more productive with your writing. People will say, "Where do you get the time for all this?" And you can act as though it's all so strenuous, like those commercials where the person pretends to cook a full course meal only we find out its pre-made. :-D

Hey, I wrote and edited this post in bed before getting up!

Yeah it's the weekend, grab your smart phone or tablet, get outside and keep writing.



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