Time Machine

What to say? I skipped three days. Like a rock jumping cross a lake. Just like that. Plop plop plunk. It was a crazy three days. Wild. Got

quite a bit done. Though, I felt bad not adding anything here. But such is life. Right?




And here we are. Another Monday. Another day. Another moment in time. When I'm more than I thought... No no no, wait. Let's not go back that far. But it's said that time travel has been figured out. To be honest, we've been doing it with our minds. Memories. Ole factory sense. The Wayback Machine. Oh yes. And the retro YouTube channels. Those old commercials really take me back. Then there is the scary logos. Gotta love those.


But we can relive memories to some degree through these tools. I'm sure there are other methods. Books and movies are also a great rewind. See how things were back in a certain time. And if done well, how they felt and the mood and essence of that history, as well.




By the time I post this this writing session will be history, too. But when you read it it will be now for you. Then after that reading, the past. Does this make sense? It's time travel. My thoughts projected onto this page to go into your mind later. That is if you got this far in the post. And if you did. Thank you. Please look at an ad or two. And have a wonderful rest of the day.




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