Mondays. What can I say. They are terrible. Especially when you have GERD and eat habanero sauce the day before. Oh, and don't take TUMS before you go to sleep. I think that's what it was.




Mondays. Yes. I despise them. As I tap the keys, a small reprieve from the thought of Monday, I still come back to it. It's just there. I have enough days that I can almost take every Monday from now until around September. I think. And I just might do that.




Some say they like to take Fridays off. But why? It's the day before the weekend. You know the next day brings a day off. Anticipation. Just one more day. Why wouldn't you want Monday.


Am I wrong? If you have the weekend off, why would you want Friday off?


May be just me. Let me know what you think. That's if you got this far in the post. If you did. Thank you.


Okay. Back to work. Real work. Not the work I'd like to be doing. Maybe one day.


Now where are those TUMS?




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