Okay. So another day. I've been rushing through them. But not wishing them away, at least. For the most part.


I joke with people and say happy Thursday, because of the day off. Once they see what I mean... eh. Who cares lol. I am just typing now trying to think of what I want to write because I forgot what I wanted to write. Same usual. I had something I was thinking about but of course I wasn't by a computer or a method to write it down. I had my phone, but I was walking and in the streets of NYC and I try and pay attention. Morning anxiety, too. Rushing to work. Not as bad as it sounds. At least not like it used to be.


Things change. Times change. Some things don't. That can be good and bad. You must break free from thinking in a cage. Sometimes I can. But once things start to go in a certain direction, I want to revert to how I was thinking.


Small milestones allow some to make it to higher levels in this game of life or stay at the bottom and trying to get the timing right on the Metroid bomb. Funny I think of that again. I think I had posted once, a long time ago, about it.


For those who don't know, Metroid is a video game from Nintendo where you control a "space pirate" called Samus Aran. She has various powers and one of them is called a "power bomb". This is a weapon that can be used in many ways in the game. One of those ways is by setting two off (one and then another a second later) and letting the first lift you up and setting another in midair. When you land the second bomb you'd planted a moment after the first will go off and push you back up to the third bomb that now goes off and pushes you higher. And you keep repeating as you go up incrementally.


If I remember, the lesson/thought I was pondering had been about incremental movements in writing--or art in general, I guess. Not only must it be incremental, but it must be timed right. Learned. I guess you can also say, to those who might go "well what about those who shoot to stardom fast?" Well. If you get the timing of the bombs quickly and get good at it, you will move up faster. Sounds cool, either way. But yeah. Milestones.


Baby steps. Like in the movie What About Bob? Like in most things in life. If you rush, you run the risk of screwing something up, or burning out. And the brightest flame burns the quickest. Once that wick is gone, it's game over.




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